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BCLA Field Directorate Special Session


2011 Field Directorate Special Session – Saturday, April 16, 2011 – 10:00 AM at Douglas College, New Westminster. $12.00 registration fee (includes lunch).

The Field Directorate holds their Special Session apart from the BCLA Annual General Meeting in an effort to increase attendance and based on feedback from the membership. The Special Session is the most important meeting for field lacrosse administrators, referees, officials and volunteers. It is the time when everyone can reflect on the past year’s play and events, and have a voice in establishing policies for the future. A review of the past year is conducted, and recommendations for improvement are brought to the table for dialogue and discussion. It is imperative that all field clubs/associations have members at this meeting. Please contact Barb Calve if you are interested and able to attend this important meeting.

URGENT – Volunteers Needed for 2011/2012 Executive


Please read the open letter to all Members.


Why do people volunteer in sports? The short answer for most of us is we do it for the kids.

In order for our association to run smoothly, we require volunteers. It simply cannot be done otherwise. Volunteers are the heart and soul of everything we do as an association.

Victoria Field Lacrosse finds itself in an extremely difficult situation at this time due to a shortage of volunteers and the number of positions on the executive committee becoming vacant this May. Unfortunately, if the required executive positions are not filled at the Annual General Meeting the potential for the association to be dissolved becomes a reality. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen and that is why we are putting out this call to members.

Our association was established nearly 20 years ago. In the last two years we’ve become the largest association on Vancouver Island and one of the fastest growing field lacrosse associations west of Ontario. In 2008 Vic Field received the BCLA Field Lacrosse Association of the Year award. We hope to continue to develop and maintain strong policies, obtain funding from BC Gaming and put together an executive with a common goal to grow the sport as well as our association in years to come.

Having said this, in our time of growth it is also time for fresh faces and fresh ideas.

We ask that you please consider stepping forward not only for the sake of the association but for your children and for the upcoming young players in our community – they are the future of the sport!

Some of the personal benefits of volunteering are meeting new friends, developing or enhancing your skills, designing the future of the organization and most of all helping develop young athletes as they make their own way into the world outside of sports. Just a couple hours each week or each month can have a huge impact.

At the Annual General Meeting on May 24, 2011 the following elected positions will become vacant and will require volunteers to fill them:

· President
· Vice President
· Treasurer
· Secretary
· Head Coach

These appointed positions are also available for interested volunteers:

· Head Referee
· Equipment Manager
· Manager Liaison
· Tournament coordinator
· Booster coordinator
· Director(s)
Our meetings are held once a month for approximately two hours with time in between to complete any tasks that arises as a result of an identified need.

All executive members are required to be a member in good standing and to attend all monthly meetings. The President and/or Vice President must attend all monthly Vancouver Island Field Lacrosse League meetings which are also held monthly in various locations.

If you would like to put your name forward now or would like more information about any of the positions that need to be filled, please feel free to contact Kathy Cook at Please be assured that if you step forward to help out, there will be guidance and help available to ensure a smooth transition!

A list of the board of directors’ titles and a description of their associated tasks are as follows:


· Chair all Association meetings
· Supervise the general operation of the Association
· A member of all committees
· Delegate to the governing field lacrosse meetings, i.e. VIYFLL & BCLA
Odd year
Vice President

Fulfill duties of President in his/her absence
· In the event the president resigns, fill that office for the remainder of the unexpired term.
Duties as assigned
Odd year

Record the minutes of all Association meeting
Carry on all Association record keeping and correspondence
Notify all directors and members of meetings
Issue bulletins to Coaches and Managers of all items and discussions affecting them
Even year

Keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements
Responsible for all Association banking
Provide a financial report at all Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting
Signing officer for the Association
Responsible for submitting and monitoring all grant and fund raising applications applying to the Association as a whole
Even year


Keep accurate records of all players, Coaches and Managers of the Association
Coordinates initial registration at the beginning of each season
Schedule registration days as decided upon by the Board
Submit team registration forms to the BCLA
Data input to BCLA database
Odd year
Head Coach

Attend Board meetings
Select all Coaches and forwards recommendations to the Board
Make sure all coaching forms have been properly completed and submitted
Encourage attendance at coaching seminars outside lacrosse
Ensure all coaches are aware of and obtained the certification requirements set out by the BCLA and the Association
Observe coaching staff and make recommendations as required
Attend all, or appoint a qualified member to attend the BCLA Head Coach meetings
Develops a strategy for educating and teaching our coaches
Monitors and assist coaches in their own development


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