Helmet Update Jan. 5/15

Posted by Victoria Youth Field Lacrosse on Jan 06 2015 at 09:29AM PST in 2014/15

The BCLA Field Directorate has issued a memo regarding the Warrior Regulator and Cascade Model R Lacrosse Helmets.

The complete memo is located on the BCLA Website home page on the scroll bar – or the direct link is file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/2015Jan05%20-%20Letter%20from%20Field%20Directorate%20re%20Warrior%20and%20Cascade%20Helmets.pdf

The website version has photographs of the two helmets so it is best to download a copy of the entire memo from the website. The memo reads as follows.

As you may or may not have heard or read, NOCSAE recently decertified two specific field lacrosse helmets. The two models are the Warrior Regulator and the Cascade R both pictured below.

The CLA has posted technical bulletin 14-07 on their website, in which it states “these models are no longer permitted for use during men’s field or box lacrosse and players using these models must take appropriate measures to ensure they are following CLA rules and policies.”

Cascade and NOCSAE have come to an agreement to have the Cascade R recertified described in technical bulletin 14-08 and involves sending the helmet back to Cascade for the appropriate fix.
Warrior as of this date has not posted a fix to their Regulator helmet.

Rule 22.4 states "It shall be the responsibility of each coach to see that their players and substitutes are properly equipped to play. This is reinforced during the pregame coaches meeting when the officials ask both head coaches if their “players are properly equipped to play the game.”

Rule 64 states “Should it come to the attention of a referee that a player is wearing equipment that is illegal under the provisions of Rules 17 or 18, then the referee shall demand that the player conform to specifications. The first such occurrence by a player shall not constitute a technical foul. Should the player fail to conform to specifications, then he shall be compelled to withdraw from the game until such time as he has complied with the regulations governing equipment.”

Please be proactive in addressing any players that have either of these two helmets and make sure appropriate steps are taken so that your players are safe and wearing certified equipment.